Other Services

Post Office -- There is no Post Office in the village. The main Post Offices are in Northallerton High Street (7 miles) and Stokesley (inside the Co-op). The nearest local ones are at Appleton Wiske (5 miles) with a shop open daily, in the Blue Bell pub at Ingleby Cross (2 miles, Mon/Tues/Wed a.m.) and West Rounton (3 miles).

News and Views - This is a monthly newsletter produced by the church community, and delivered online or as a paper copy in the village for a £6 annual subscription (contact Kate on 01609 882776). It includes news of all (not only church) activities for the coming month in East Harlsey, Ingleby Arncliffe and Osmotherley. The Editor is Lizz Hepple who can be contacted by e-mail at hpmeditor@gmail.com

Fish and Chips -- Every Tuesday about 7.30 pm, a van stops at the Village Hall and again opposite Harlsey Hall gates. Good shop also in Osmotherley - you can phone, order and collect there.

Milk -- Delivered daily by Ian Garbutt, telephone 01642 711655.

Library -- The main libraries are Northallerton (01609 533832) and Stokesley (01609 533461). For opening hours go to the library website. You can renew or order library books on this site. There is no travelling van. There is also a borrowing service for digital books for members.

Environmental Services -- Rubbish collections and recycling are via wheelie bins on a Monday from 7am. One week is household waste (black bin); and the next week is waste paper & cardboard, plastics and cans (all in the blue topped bin) and glass (in the blue box) . Garden waste is collected in the green bin but you need to buy an annual license from HDC. The main Recycling Centre which takes a very wide variety of rubbish is in Yafforth Road, Northallerton (not open on Wednesdays).

About twice a year the Parish Council organises for the roadsides to be swept: when this is about to happen you may get a note asking you to move your car from the roadside to make the job more effective. Please help by doing this.

The PC also organise a bi-annual Litter Pick around the parish roads: anyone can join this activity.

For further details telephone Hambleton District Council on 0845 1211555 or check the parish newsletter.