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Booking info

For more information about hiring this excellent Village Hall, please contact one of the following:
  • E-mail to
  • Phone the Caretaker / Bookings Officer, Hazel Dixon, on 01609 882211
  • Phone Marion Archer about weddings or larger events on 01609 882420
  • Chairman of the Village Hall is Richard Martin (01609 882546), and the Bar Licensee is Mike Smith (01609 882582 or 07802 937806)
To book the Village Hall, please download the form below, which also contains Conditions of Hire, and return a copy of the form together with a deposit to secure your booking. Cheques should be made payable to East Harlsey Village Hall or can be paid direct by a BACS payment.
Return the form by  e-mail to, by post or in person to East Harlsey Village Hall Cottage, East Harlsey, Northallerton, DL6 2DB.

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