Parish Council

The Parish Councillors are: Nick Barnard (Chairman), Nick Lane, Ian Morrison and Ann Newcombe.
The public are encouraged to talk to them and ask questions about their work: you can obtain contact details from the Chairman.
Elections for the Parish Council were last held on 7 May 2015 (next in 2019).
The position of Clerk is currently vacant and applications for the post are invited.
There is a vacancy for a Parish Councillor. Any person who is interested should contact the Chairman.

Village Survey

The Parish Council is conducting a survey to find out what you all think about the village, its environment and its services. Every household has received one paper copy to be returned to the box at the VH. If more villagers would like to fill in the survey, please do so on-line at It will be so much more useful with lots of replies.

 Dates for Parish Council meetings in 2018, about every six weeks, are listed in an attachment below. The agendas and associated papers can be found on the next page of this website. All meetings are held at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall. Any residents of the parish are welcome to attend any meeting. Ask the Clerk or Chairman for further details.
The Annual Parish Meeting was held on Wednesday 17 May 2017. The minutes of this Meeting can be downloaded below. 
You will find a copy of the official Complaints Procedure below should you have an issues to raise.
See attached notices for information about the new (May 2018) data protection laws and how it affects the Parish Council.
The Parish News is distributed around the village after each six-weekly Council meeting.  
Minutes of the two most recent Parish Council meetings, the 2017 Annual Parish Meeting and The Parish News can be found by clicking the links below or on the next page. Older Minutes can be obtained from the Clerk.

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