Previous productions

 Year Panto   Other
 1997  Harlsey 97 Variety Show
 1998   Dick Whittington  Harlsey 98 Variety Show
 1999  The Tale of Toad  
 2000  Treasure Island  
 2001  Aladdin 'Getting Along' - Hawaiian music - Songs
 2002  Dracula, the Panto Harlsey Jubilee Variety Show
 2003  Cinderella
Autumn Extravaganza - Songs plus 
'Hi-Fi Spy' & 'Easy Stages'
 2004  Robin Hood
Harlsey Youth "Haunting of Harlsey"
September Songs plus "Distracted Globe"
 2005  Tom the Piper's Son
'Around the World with Class 6'
'The Last Bread Pudding'
 2006  The Three Musketeers 'The Last Seed' and 'Frankinstein's Guests'
 2007  Ronnie Get Your Gun
12 Songs from 12 Singers
"Brenton versus Brenton"
 2008  Sleeping Beauty
Don't get your Vicars in a Twist
Harlsey Youth "Josephine & her Sisters"
 2009  Sinbad the Sailor
"Where there's a Will"
Harlsey Youth "Big Top Bonanza"
 2010  Journey into Space Songs from Shows - "Trouble in Waiting"
 2011  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs "A Dog's Life" - Songs - "What's for Pudding"
 2012  Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates
"Deborah's Party"
 2013 Jack and the Beanstalk "Art for Art's Sake"
 2014 Puss in Boots "Happy Families"
 2015 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
 "Penny Black"
 2016 Cinderella 
 No pantomime
The Pied Piper
 "Poor Yorick"