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Village Survey

The Parish Council is conducting a survey to find out what you all think about the village, its environment and its services. Every household has received one paper copy to be returned to the box at the VH. If more villagers would like to fill in the survey, please do so on-line at www.hambleton.gov.uk/survey/harlsey It will be so much more useful with lots of replies.

 Dates for 2018.  Village news and events to enjoy: 

Coming events
  • Friday 3 August - Social Evening in Village Hall with artisan pizzas.
  • Thursday 9 August - Coffee Morning in Village Hall
  • Saturday 22 September - Grand Dinner Dance to celebrate 80th Anniversary of the Village Hall
East Harlsey needs a new Councillor and a new Parish Clerk - please get in touch with the Chairman if you are interested - Nick Barnard at

The latest edition of the Parish Newsletter and the Minutes of a recent Parish Council meeting can be found by following the links on the Parish Council page. You can also find a useful guide to local services there.